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Born 1993, lives and works in London 

My current practice celebrates fictitious cityscapes in Italian frescoes by reimagining them as architectural fragments in their freshly painted state. 

Inspired by the shallow perspective of medieval Sienese and Florentine works, building facades are stripped of their adornments and abstracted, angled to bring them to life in a playful trompe I'oeil. Early renaissance structures depicted in paintings by Fra Angelico and Giotto are re-envisaged in concertina form, enhancing the strength and vigor of the original buildings. Crenellated walls weave around angled pillars, archways stack like bricks to mimic contemporary highrises. 

The preparatory technique involves finely blending newspaper with water, draining it, and rolling the pulp onto a wooden board to dry. In some way, this reflects the arduous preparation of the frescoes where layers of plaster were applied before the outline of the composition, sinopie, was painted with an earth-coloured wash in preparation for the final thin layer of plaster, intonaco.

Volume and perspective are achieved in the fresco pieces with the subtle employment of light and shade and I have used colour washes to mimic the once vibrant, now friable appearance of the fresco cycles. This effect is enhanced by the dampened then dried newspaper and echoes the gradual decomposition of the plaster in a number of the fresco cycles.



Together/Somewhere, online exhibition curated by Visionary Projects and Art City Works

Cool, Fresh, Sweet Waters,  exhibiting alongside Nina Silverberg and Becky Tucker, The Tub, London


As in Facade, online exhibition curated by Rajaa Paixao, Janet Rady Fine Art

In a New Light, open call online exhibition curated by Art City Works

These Boots Are Made For Walking, online exhibition, Studi0, Switzerland 

Release, Sophie Breitmeyer London

Rough Around The Edges with Matteo Santacroce, online exhibition curated by The Artists Contemporary  

Works on Paper 3,  online exhibition, Blue Shop Cottage, London

The Birthday Party, online exhibition curated by The Artists Contemporary 


Solo exhibition, The Bricks That Built The Houses, Holdron's Back Room, Copeland Park, London


Arquitectura and Light, duo exhibition with Gianinna Delpino, Make Space Studios, London

The Summer Show, The House of St Barnabas, London

The Spring Auction, Menier Gallery, London


HIX Award, HIX Gallery, London

Solo exhibition, An Alternate State, Open Contemporary Young Artist Award prize winner show, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle

RSA John Kinross Scholarship exhibition, Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh


Krung Thep, guest appearance, Bridge Art Space, Bangkok

Intersection, DOK Art Space, Edinburgh

Open Contemporary Young Artist Award, The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle

Don Salon, Embassy, Edinburgh

RSA:New Contemporaries, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh


BA (hons) Fine Art, Edinburgh College of Art (2013-16)

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, University of the Arts London (2012-13)


HIX Award Shortlisted Artist 2018

RSA John Kinross scholarship 2017

Open Contemporary Young Artist Award 2017

RSA New Contemporaries Selected Artist 2017


Art Maze magazine issue 22

Artsinsquare magazine issue 1

The Artists Contemporary podcast 

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